I had the awesome experience of attending The Big Fake Wedding Nashville a couple weeks ago. The word that best describes it is, AMAZING! Yes, all capital letters, AH-MAZE-ING. I was on double duty, being a gal desperately waiting for my man to pop the question myself, as well as a professional in the wedding industry, I was so excited to see what this new bridal show was all about. There were so many talented photographers, videographers, wedding planners, caterers, and many other venders there showing off their skills! Now, as I have newly joined Tennessee Wedding Videos and I really wanted to gain an experience that would help me best market our company! Boy did I find it! Other than taking away a serious addiction to Chef Penelope’s Catering’s sweet potato grits, pulled pork, hot chicken and truffle fries… I took away that competition in the Wedding Video world is steep! After spending the whole day looking at the videos from other vendors as well as videos we have done, I realize that we are at the top of our game and have extremely competitive pricing! Do you have any idea who the first vendor I will be booking when I get my ring? That’s right, my videographer, Tennessee Wedding Videos! I hope you continue to check back to my blog as I navigate this wild and wonderful wedding season!