Happy Holidays! – if this time of year you’re simply thinking about the Holidays, you are either not in a relationship or happily married. Single (but in a relationship) ladies across the world are all but writing letters to Santa to make sure they get their perfect Christmas proposal. After all it’s the perfect time. Family is gathered, the lights are sparkling everywhere, men know they’re expected to buy a gift—why not kill two birds with well… one stone!? This trifecta of proposal magic has made the Holiday Season in fact, “Engagement Season.”

Thirty-three percent of proposals happen over the Holidays. It’s the busiest time of the year for jewelers and it seems that every commercial is sending not so subliminal messages to pop the question!

This spike in engagements means a big month in January to the wedding industry. The question has been popped and now it’s time to shop! Newly engaged brides will be contacting vendors and making appointments trying to get dates set and all the details in order. This is what wedding industry folks call “black January”. It’s our month long equivalent to black Friday. It’s a month of go go go and bookings for the year can happen in just a short few weeks.

So if you’re secretly or not so secretly hoping to be one of the lucky ladies getting her perfect Christmas proposal—maybe a ring on your Christmas tree ornament or in your Champaign on new years— you’ll want to be ready to join the hunt January. The best vendors will book up fast and you want to make sure that you’re doubly lucky with getting that perfect videographer, caterer or venue!

So, Happy Engagement Season everyone, we can’t wait to meet all the new brides this January!